A Disturbing Chat

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Prosecutors presented graphic chat room conversation and even more graphic videos.

The chat room exchange is between an 11-year-old boy from Belgium, and a person identified under the code name WV Prof.

“Boy: You sound like you're not a bad boy.

WV Prof: No, I like to have sex with guys who know they are gay, that are old enough to do it. But I like to talk to younger guys.”

The defense tried again to limit testimony on the references to the graphic images, this time involving the names of certain files. This time, it was unsuccessful.

The first two full days of testimony have been a deliberate, lengthy process by prosecutors, as they attempt to link programs and connections on Eugene Robert Anderson's Marietta College computer system. The goal: to prove his involvement with sexually explicit images on those programs.

Anderson is charged with multiple child pornography counts

His defense attorney indicated Wednesday the defense may try to link the evidence to an Ohio University employee, Robert Sandford, who died mysteriously last spring.