Outlook on Season's Pumpkin Harvest

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Jack-o-lanterns, pumpkin pies and good old fashioned fall decorations: pumpkins symbolize Halloween and the fall season.

However, some places in the United states are a little behind with their pumpkin harvests this year.

People in the Northeast may find themselves paying higher prices for pumpkins because of water problems that are pushing the harvest season back.

Local pumpkin farmers say their crop is right on schedule and they're already selling many of the popular gourds.

"Matter of fact, if we took a tractor trailer load up there right now we could make quite a bit of money off of them, but we got enough to supply the local economy and we're gonna take care of people we've got here. So, there will be no shortage here," Charles Poole with the West Virginia Farmers' Market said.

Some pumpkin harvests in the Northeast are expected to be off by up to 50 percent this year.

Crops in the Mid-west are also suffering damage.

Pumpkin producing states like Ohio are expected to be average

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