Banking on the Future

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The sign on the building has changed a lot since it opened as First Federal Savings half a century ago. Now, BB&T, its current occupant, plans a long-awaited construction of a new building on the same site.

"Our employees are good people," says regional president Phyllis Arnold. "They deserve a brighter and more modern building to work in, and we think that will be good for their customers as well."

BB&T merged with One Valley Bank in July of 2000, and building a new main Parkersburg branch has been discussed before that.

" BB&T has been around 100 years," says Arnold, "and we hope it will be around a hundred more, and we hope they'll be building more buildings in the Mid-Ohio Valley."

While BB&T is about to build a new headquarters, Downtown Parkersburg is undergoing some sprucing up of its own, in the hopes of taking downtown into a new era.

The bank project and the sidewalk reconstruction project are part of what Mayor Jimmy Colombo hopes are just the beginning for downtown revitalization.

"This is just another example of a business believing in Parkersburg and spending redevelopment money in downtown Parkersburg," the mayor says. "The reconstruction of Market Street and what the Public Debt and Blue Cross is doing. It's a huge statement, when you talk about more jobs and a better facility."

BB&T will move into temporary quarters while the old building is demolished, and new one is under construction.

It's hoped the new headquarters will be open in a year to 18 months.