Bomb Threat Suspect Arrested

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It was a call to Wood County Christian School nearly a month ago, which led nearby Williamstown High School to evacuate its students.

"This is a bomb threat for Williamstown High School," the caller said. "They don't have an answering machine (so) I left it here. I suggest you call them and tell them that they shouldn't have school Thursday or Friday. If they do they're putting everybody there in danger."

A search of the residence of Albert Miner IV Sunday led to minor turning himself in to Williamstown police.

"We immediately set out to retrieve phone records," said Williamstown Police Chief John Burdette. "It was the subpoenas that were issued for these phone records that led us to Mr. Miner's arrest."

Traditionally, little came of bomb scares after they were determined to be hoaxes, but for one reason in particular this incident was different.

"At the time, we were involved in the orange alert," said Mike Boyd, Wood County Schools' Assistant Superintendent. "It definitely has changed our outlook as to how serious this is. And when someone does something like this, we think they should be treated accordingly."

And with action taken by the West Virginia legislature two years ago, the charge against minor is a felony instead of a misdemeanor.

"This is in concert with 9/11 and the alert status everyone is under," said Burdette. "Everyone takes this type of crime very seriously."

If convicted of the offense, Miner could get one to three years in prison.