Child Receives Authentic OSU Football Helmet

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For the past two weeks a local family has taken a ride on an emotional roller coaster, but now with the help of a college football coach, they have another reason to smile.

Ohio State's head football coach, Jim Tressel, has given 11-year-old Nathan Lewis an authentic, signed Ohio State football helmet.

Coach Tressel sent the helmet to Nathan's church with a note saying that he was sorry to hear about everything he and his family have been through.

It all started two weeks ago when an OSU themed helmet that Nathan's late father made was taken.

His dad, Chad Lewis, died just days later after a short battle with bone cancer.

Fortunately, the helmet was returned, and now Nathan has two special helmets.

"To think that a man who is as busy as Coach Tressel is, would take the time for an 11 year old boy that he doesn't know, but yet he showed his support and his comforting way; it means a lot," Tarri Lewis, Nathan's mother, said.

The OSU helmet was given to Nathan during Wednesday night's church service.

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