Local Singers Optimistic

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It's not a surprise when you see the local singing sensations Shhhbang at all of the summer's festivals and fairs, and next weekend's Parkersburg homecoming is no exception.

The four ladies are the reigning state champions of this completion, and are going for a second try to go on to a regional completion in Wheeling.

For them hopefully that attitude will keep them going this weekend when they compete to keep their title as state champions this weekend at the Parkersburg homecoming celebration.

Last year they took home the third place title at regionals, but before they start thinking about regionals, they're focusing on this weekend.

And while the competition is tough, there previous performances are boosting their confidence, and so is their song selection. One of their songs is an original written by Mandy herself called Nothing But a Thing for You. The other song is by Martina McBride called God Fearing Women.

The Colgate Competition starts Friday at 6 p.m.