Local EMS Getting Help

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The community of Stockport was close to losing the EMS division of its volunteer fire department. Now, with the help of new volunteers and a substantial donation, it's ready for just about anything that comes its way.

Janet Martin donated $25,000 to the Stockport volunteer fire department to buy a much needed squad truck.

Martin has roots right here at the Stockport volunteer fire department, back in 1948 her father was a charter member.

She lives in Indiana now, and long before her husband Dick Martin passed away in December, he set up a fund to give money to non-profit organizations in Indiana, and in Ohio.

EMS volunteer Laura Smith wrote a letter to Martin asking for $30,000 in return she got $25,000.

That was just enough for the new squad. Now that the Stockport squad has a new squad truck, now they just need more volunteers.

Alice Hanson is the EMS squad chief, she says to run effectively a squad needs 25-30 volunteers, right now they only have seven.

On Aug. 18, 12 new volunteers will start their training.

Anyone who is interested in taking the class, and is from a surrounding area is more than welcome to sign up.