A Community Reflects

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While a lot of the patrons of Crow's Restaurant in Pomeroy may not have known Clinton Turner, they have relatives serving overseas, or know someone who does.

"I've got a son-in-law in the military," says Myrna Custer. "He was in Bosnia when that was going on."

"We're a small community and everybody's close together," says Merissa Teaford. "And that affects a lot of people in a lot of ways."

Turner had ties to a lot of the mid-Ohio Valley. While he lived much of his life in Pomeroy, he also lived in Parkersburg for a time, attended Ohio University, and his wife was from Sistersville.

People here still largely support the war.

"Everybody believes (Turner) was doing his duty for his country," says Cindy McMillan. "It was the right thing to do, and it makes us support the war more."

But ken young has found patrons of his Pomeroy appliance store are beginning to question it.

"They feel we shouldn't be there now," says Young. "They should have done more before and now, we're just killing kids every day."

And some of Crow's patrons know Clinton Turner's mother, Dottie, whom we interviewed Tuesday night after we learned of his death.

Dottie Turner is a regular customer at the restaurant.