DUI Offender Sentenced

Drinking and Driving
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The courtroom was full of members of Campbell's church, all of whom said he's shown major progress in the past two years in kicking a long-time alcohol problem.

His attorney noted Campbell's recent treatment for a psychological disorder.

"He self-medicated himself to treat a disease he didn't know how deal with," said attorney Bill Forbes.

Forbes requested home confinement instead of a prison sentence. Campbell himself tried to appeal to the victims of the accident.

"Thanks to alcohol, I turned 50 years old in jail," Campbell told the court. "I'm sorry for any pain and suffering my victims suffered."

One of those victims in the 2002 accident at this intersection suffered severe injuries.

"Mr. Wilson suffered a major neck injury he never will be able to work again," said Victims' Advocate Diana Williams, reading a statement in court from victim Brian Wilson. "He had a home in Florida, which he had to sell because of the expenses involved in his injury."

And during the past 20 years, Campbell has been involved in three accidents while driving under the influence. In a 1994 crash in Pleasants County, three young men died.
Judge Reed gave Campbell the maximum sentence.

"Given the nature of this case as well as others, an alternative sentence is not appropriate," Judge Reed ruled.

Campbell still has the opportunity to appeal.