A Soldier's Funeral

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While local veterans groups often are present at funeral services of war veterans, rarely are they brought together for fallen soldiers, but ten days after Clinton Turner died in Iraq, they, along with family and friends, remembered his 37 years.

A statement from Turner's widow read during the service summed up the feelings of family and friends.

Of Staff Sergeant Turner, she said, "The world talks of weapons of mass destruction. The weapon Roger did not seek was the one which destroyed our life."

But Teresa turner also reflected on what her husband should be remembered for.

"Every time there is a smiling child's face in Iraq, it is because (Staff Sergeant Turner has) made the ultimate sacrifice."

Staff Sergeant Turner wanted to return to Sistersville with his family after his military service was completed. On this day, his homecoming was complete.

Born in may of 1966, Clinton Turner's life spanned three wars, one which ultimately turned out to be unpopular, one which liberated a nation and one which rid another nation and the world of a tyrant.

Turner is survived by his wife Teresa; his 14-year-old son Steven; and five-year-old daughter Tabitha, who currently live at Fort Hood, Texas.