Audit Hits Gynecologists

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A routine audit found three members of the Marietta Gynecological Associates Complex owe the state Medicaid program a total of $53,000.

Of that, more than $31,000 is owed by the associates' president, Curtis White.

Associate physician Warren Cooper owes more than 14,000 and another associate, Todd Myers, owes more than $7,600.

"What we saw were, improper billings for urine analysis and an office visit," said Ohio Auditor Betty Montgomery, "when they should have billed for one but not the other. Or, uncoding or billing for a higher rate when they should have billed for a lower rate, or duplicate billing."

We attempted to get the associates' side of the story. The office manager declined to comment, but added the Auditor's report was incorrect. When we asked what was incorrect about it, we were again told, no comment.

The three doctors also work for Marietta Memorial Hospital, but the hospital says it is not a party to the audit.

"They are a separate entity and they are their own practice," said hospital spokeswoman Jennifer Offenberger.

Offenberger said the case would not affect the doctors' practice at MMH. The doctors have 45 days to pay back the money.