Pothole Time

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With temperatures going up, the number of potholes is also going up.

The area's two largest cities, Parkersburg and Marietta, are doing temporary patch work on car-damaging potholes, but officials of both cities say they won't be doing any permanent work for a few months, after winter is officially over.

"Primarily, we ask people to drive safely and courteously," says Tom Slater, Parkersburg's Public Works Director, "and, if they do find potholes, to inform our people, and we will repair them as quickly as possible."

They add, however, that they have their work cut out for them.

"The ground was saturated going into winter, and we have had a hard freeze," says David Sands, Marietta's Safety-Service Director. "And that freeze-thaw cycle is what causes the damage to your road."

Marietta and Parkersburg would both like to hear from people having pothole problems. Parkersburg residents can call 422-8547 and Marietta residents can call 373-1387.