More Squirrels in Traffic

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If you've been on the road lately, there's a good chance you've seen numerous squirrels, many of which, unfortunately, did not make it across the road.

According to the Division of Natural Resources this is the worst year for mast crop since they started keeping record back in the 1960's.

With such a huge food shortage, especially when it comes to acorns, squirrels are heading out of the forest, and right into traffic.

"They're obviously looking for food, and they're probably not going to be able to survive very long into the winter," Jeff McCrady, a wildlife biologist, said.

"There's not gonna be as many on the first day of squirrel season as there normally are, because there are so many that's being killed on the road," Jeff Ritchie, a taxidermist and hunter, said.

The mast crop shortage isn't being seen in every area, in fact, the exact opposite is being reported in northern Ohio.

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