Richards Release

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We reported earlier this week, that authorities have been searching for a suspect in connection with several recent crimes.

The good news, he was caught, the bad news, he is now free.

Many are probably now wondering how this happened.

John Manis Richards was arrested last week in Calhoun County, West Virginia, in connection with an attempted abduction.

He's since posted bond, and is free awaiting extradition.

A lot of the confusion surrounding this case stems from the fact that it involves the laws of two states. Richards was charged in Ohio but caught in WV.

Richards is wanted on multiple felony charges by the Washington County Sheriff's Department and Marietta Police Department.

In addition to his recent suspected crimes, Manis served seven years for a number of sex-related offenses and is a registered sex offender.

Many of these statutes, including extradition, are decades old, and may need revision to properly punish crimes.