The New Frontier

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This has been just more than just a new millennium for Frontier Schools.

Two elementary schools are getting new buildings this summer, and Frontier High School's existing building is getting a major makeover.

Harry Hastings, who is overseeing the project for a Columbus contracting firm, says the work began last August.

"A lot of major work was done during the winter months," says Hastings, "And we even built weather protection over the masonry area, so we could work during what cold weather we did have."

The project also meant the end of the old New Matamoras and Newport elementary schools.

"The condition of the building we tore down at New Matamoras was in the oldest operating building in Ohio," says Hastings. "It was a real old wood floor structure and, compared to today's fire requirements, it's a blessing to have the new building for the kids to be in."

For Washington County, this is a major construction project. But for Southeast Ohio, there have projects like this either completed or under way.

"To build a new facility and have it ready within a 12-month time frame," says Hastings. "It's real ambitious, and a major building project for them as well."

While the new buildings are under roof, a lot of work remains, with the start of the new year's classes roughly one month away.

The project was set in motion three years ago, when voters in the school district approved a bond levy issue.