Home Heating Safety

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With temperatures dropping and people turning on their home heaters, firefighters are entering their busiest time of the year.

Firefighters say anyone with gas or propane heating should have their burners and vent pipes checked annually.

Anyone with electric heating should be careful to keep draperies and decorations away from the heaters..

Space heaters should be kept ten feet away from all objects.

Firefighters say when the heat comes on, one of the most important things to check for is carbon monoxide.

"If you or people in your home have had flu-like symptoms that just don't seem to be going away and it's lasted for quite a few days, maybe weeks; unexplained headaches, dizziness that you normally don't get and you don't know why, you need to have your home checked for carbon monoxide," Marietta Fire Dept. Chief Tom Dempsey said.

Chief Dempsey says they're seeing less heater-related fires than they used to, because heating products have become safer and the public is more educated about the dangers.

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