"Terminated" or Fired?

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The head of the board of directors says Craig Pyles wasn’t fired, but Pyles doesn’t believe it.

There was no formal vote by the board on Pyles’ status, which is a possible violation of the state open meetings law.

"Who said he was fired?," asked Board President Charles Cline.

"He did," said Commissioner Bob Tebay, referring to Pyles.

"I terminated him," Cline responded. "I did not fire him."

"He was told to turn in all of the park property and pick up his final paycheck," said Pyles' attorney, Bill Merriman. "And, in my mind, that means you're fired."

Cline admits, however, the original decision regarding Mountwood Park director Craig Pyles was made in a general conversation with board members. There was little mention of why the board took the action against Pyles, except for the suggestion the park was losing money.

Cline says, "The only board action you could say was taken was my discussion with them about what was necessary to stop the bleeding at Mountwood Park."

"Technically, under the law," says Wood County Prosecutor Ginny Conley, "I think you needed to have that meeting and have some notice, even if it's an emergency meeting."

It’s not known yet whether Pyles plans any legal action against the board.

The board did hold an emergency meeting Thursday night but adjourned without taking any formal action because an attorney was not in attendance at the proceedings.