Another Robbery

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For the fourth time since December, a Parkersburg restaurant chain is hit by an armed robbery. This time, it happened at the City Perk Cafe location on Pike Street in south Parkersburg.

Police say a white male armed with a small caliber handgun entered the business early Saturday morning and demanded money. He left with the contents of the cash drawer.

It's the first robbery at the Pike Street location, but the third at a City Perk. One location on Emerson Avenue has been hit twice.

"This is about the second time the person waited until closing time," says Parkersburg Police Chief Bob Newell. There's a bit of difference in all the robberies. There's one in particular could be connected, they all could be, but we have no reason to believe they all are at this point."

The president of City Perk says the company plans to install elaborate surveillance equipment to stop future robberies. Todd McCay says in a statement, "It baffles me that a person would risk a lifetime in prison for a couple of hundred dollars".

The latest suspect is 5’9” to 5’10” tall, weighs 135 pounds and has short hair.