College Student Pioneering Autism Study

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Two new government studies indicate that one in 100 children have autism disorders.

Now, a psychology student at Marietta College is conducting a study of her own.

Heather Haught may just be a college junior, but she's working on a project that apparently has no previous research.

Haught is working along with psychology professor Alicia Doerflinger to better understand feeding habits of children with autism.

"We eat. That's what sustains life. Especially children with autism have such a hard time with some of those most basic needs, and so for us to not address food, for the science to be lacking in that area is a huge problem," Haught said.

Haught says data collected in this study could help with future treatments for children with autism.

Haught has received money from the college to help fund the study.

The first part of the study, which includes taste testing is complete, and now they are searching for participants for the second phase, which includes keeping a seven day food journal.

Autistic and typically developed children are welcome to participate.

If you'd like to participate or would like more information on the study, e-mail Haught at

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