Parents Concerned about Swine Flu

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Area classrooms are filled with more empty desks as some parents are keeping their kids home in fear of swine flu.

Clinical psychologist, Dr. Ryan May says it's each parents decision on how they wish to handle the H1N1 virus.

However, he says there is a difference between concern and fear.

Dr. May agrees with a CDC spokesperson who says, "the best anecdote for fear is information."

"If parents actually read or listened to the entire story and actually looked at what the risks were, chances are many folks would make the decision that it's something to be concerned about, but probably not something to be overly anxious and worried about," Dr. May said.

While some parents worry about their children getting the swine flu, others are more concerned about the vaccination.

Dr. May says a little research is the best thing parents can do in either case.

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