Search Halted

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They've used search boats and they've used search dogs, they've searched the Little Kanawha River and even a small portion of the Ohio River.

"We've been working the river from the south tip of Blennerhassett Island to the East Street Bridge," says Terry Brown, director of Wood County's Emergency Services.

But so far, there's been no sign of the 39-year-old man whose disappearance was made known to Parkersburg and Wood County authorities late last week, and even though the search has been going on for four days, it isn't getting any easier.

Two things have changed since the search began. One is that the rain from over the weekend has made the river waters higher and running more swiftly than they were last Friday. The other is that since Sunday night, the temperatures have fallen rapidly.

"There was a lot of debris that came down after Friday night's storm," says Terry Brown. "Everything east of here has brought down a lot of debris. The water is less than 40 degrees, and the deeper you go, it gets a little bit colder."

Brown adds says it still isn't certain whether Leonard Brown actually is in the water. His car was found near the east street bridge last week, but no one saw him in the river itself.

The search is not likely to resume Tuesday, but anyone with information about Leonard Brown's whereabouts is asked to contact the Parkersburg Police Department. The telephone number is (304) 424-8444.