24/7 Shopping in Downtown Marietta

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Many people love downtown shopping, but still turn to the Internet simply because of convenience.

Now, shops in downtown Marietta are giving customers a chance to shop 24/7.

The program is called 'windows of opportunity.'

Every Tuesday, participating stores put a new item in the window, and if someone wants to purchase it or any other item in the store, it just takes a phone call, e-mail or text.

This allows people to make purchases any time, day or night.

"There's so many stores that have one of a kind items downtown, and so you better make your reservation with that item when you see it, and not wait until later when it might be gone," Sylvi Caporale, owner of American Flags and Poles, said.

Each shop that's participating has a sign in the shop window that tells customers if they should call, e-mail or text message their order.

It's meant to benefit those who know they want to make a purchase, but can't make it to the shop during business hours, or those who see something they like in the window when the shop isn't open.

Once you leave your message with the shop, someone will call or e-mail you back about your order.

Here is a list of shops participating:

American Flags and Poles
Found Antiques
Teri Ann's
Sugden Books
Mad Hen Primitives
Gold Line Jewelers
Jewelry by Design
Putnam Chocolates
Black Sheep Crafts
Twisted Sisters
Workingman's Store
All Pro Nutrition
Two Peas in a Pod
The Gallery
Marietta Wine Cellars
The Cook's Shop
Schafer Leather
Baker & Baker Jewelers

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