Air Quality Study Continues

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Progress is being made on a local air quality study concerning children, but officials are still looking for more participants.

It started in January when Marietta College teamed up with the University of Cincinnati to study the air quality in Marietta and Cambridge.

It's all to see what kind of effect elements in the air have on children's cognitive and physical health.

At this point about 100 children have participated, but 400 are needed overall. That's 200 from Marietta and 200 from Cambridge.

Officials say the study could even benefit children outside the area.

"We are doing the study really to help kids nationwide; to understand what it is they're exposed to and then do those things have an impact on their health?" Dr. Erin Haynes with the University of Cincinnati said.

Dr. Haynes says the the study takes about three hours per child, and participants must be seven to nine years old and live in Marietta.

They also won't leave empty handed. Children who help will receive a $100 incentive, while the parent who brings the child receives $25.

Anyone interested should call 740-516-3200 and ask for Jody.

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