Marietta Buildings Go Green

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Marietta is going green. It's a long term project that will upgrade every city owned building, making them more energy efficient, and it's starting in City Hall.

City Hall is one of the busiest buildings in town, and all that use is bound to run up the utility bills.

"Smart cities are going green. We have to reduce our carbon footprint whether it's in your business, in your home or in your city hall," Marietta Mayor Michael Mullen said.

Over the next few months windows, lights, heating and cooling systems and computer servers will all be replaced, and city officials aren't stopping there. They say even the little things, like exit sign lights, can become more energy efficient.

City Engineer Joe Tucker says making "green" investments now will pay off in the long run.

"Anything and everything that we can think of to save energy. That reduces our carbon footprint, it lowers our operating cost and it all makes sense," Tucker said.

City officials say they will eventually upgrade every city owned building. That includes the Armory and the new municipal court building.

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