Coroner's Report Released

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We now have a better idea of the circumstances surrounding this week's death of a seven-year-old Monroe County girl, and they may provide a better idea of where the death of Brittany Hendrickson happened.

The preliminary results from the Stark County Coroner's Office state the girl died from drowning. That would appear to indicate she died in the Noble County well where she was found late Wednesday afternoon.

The report also indicates that during her ordeal, young Brittany was a victim of sexual abuse, involving severe trauma. There was some question by investigators as to when her death occurred. The coroner's report says it happened Tuesday evening, March 9.

Twenty-nine-year-old Fred Mundt, the live-in boyfriend of the victim's mother, has been charged with aggravated murder with a death penalty specification, but investigators continue to piece together details of the case

"We want to coordinate some things before we're sure of what actually transpired," Noble County Prosecutor Cliff Sickler said Thursday. "I think it was really beneficial to find this child at an early stage in this investigation, and we're hoping a lot of forensic evidence has been presented."

Agencies involved in the case plan to meet Monday morning, and are expected to discuss the outcome of that meeting Monday afternoon.

Funeral arrangements are being handled by the McClure-Schafer Funeral Home in Marietta.