International Blues

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This area may be considered a country and western market, but for one day in the middle of winter, it proves the mid-Ohio Valley also likes the blues.

This year there are at least 300 attending this event, and bands are here from at least four different states.

"Our website is available to everyone through our newsletters, our cards," says competition organizer John Gifford. "We're advertising in newspapers, and a few different entertainment magazines."

While this has become a regional event, one act taking part this year has made it an international affair as well. One group of artists is from Tel Aviv, Israel, although at one time or another some have claimed citizenship in this country, and slowly, they're introducing their fellow Israelis to this mostly American type of music.

"There's a place there, called 'Mike's Place'," says Dov Hammer, lead singer of C.G. and the Hammer Blues Band. "It was hit by a terrorist attack a few months ago, it's back running again, and we're beginning to be seen there."

Then again, maybe they can relate to "the blues" in Israel more than we can.