Publicly Speaking

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While none of the participants are running for public office, a different kind of public speaking competition has been going on in Parkersburg this weekend.

"I got this temporary license, and now it's expired, and when I called about getting my permanent one, they said they had no record of me in the computer."

While this is a common problem, in this case, it wasn't real. It was part of a competition in public speaking.

Students from five West Virginia colleges took part in this speech contest at WVU-Parkersburg. They had to organize their presentations within time limits, and have them judged by a group of teachers and former students.

"There's a lot of work, there's a lot of research involved," says Barbara Harris, a WVU-P speech instructor and an organizer of this competition, "and these kids put so much time and effort into everything they're doing."

A similar competition among high school students is scheduled to take place at the college in a few weeks.