Brittany's Funeral

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For the fact that Brittany Hendrickson was from a small town, the outpouring of people who came to her funeral service was tremendous.

It was not how she died, but rather, the seven short years of Brittany Hendrickson that were remembered. It was about what people often remember about a child's life: that while she may have gotten into trouble now and then, her loving nature won over everyone who knew her.

People not only packed the funeral home for her memorial service, they came in droves for her visitation Sunday, which went on for nine hours. Not only did hundreds of people send cards and flowers, people donated food and money for a family gathering held after the burial service.

Pastor Melvin Adams says the days since Brittany’s disappearance were the longest days for everyone touched by her death, but they've also been tough for Adams, who is Brittany’s great-uncle.

He said this is the toughest funeral service he's had to deal with, but Adams, who spoke with us Sunday, tries to find something good from this tragedy.

"She's been held in the arms of her mother, he grandmother, an aunt, and an uncle, and she's felt love from that," he says. "But she's never felt the love she's feeling today."