Supporters Rally for Marietta City Schools Bond Issue

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A hot issue on Marietta ballots for the upcoming election is the Marietta City Schools bond issue.

Hundreds of supporters for the issue rallied in Muskingum Park Wednesday evening.

If voted in, the levy would basically use tax money to help build new schools in Marietta.

Those who attended the rally gave a variety of reasons to why they're showing their support.

"We have a chance to make our schools better, safer and we also have a change to provide jobs; much needed jobs," Randy Rair, assistant principal of Marietta Middle School, said.

"Our building that we have in Marietta right now are really old. They all average around 50, 75 even close to 100 years old," Carolyn Ditchendorf, a supporter, said.

"Our children are our future. It's important that they have good facilities to get educated in. It's a very competitive world. They need every boost up they can get to get started," Jesse Ray, a supporter, said.

The rally included various speakers, entertainment and activities for the children.

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