Trick or Treating Safely

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The next week will be a busy one for parents who are getting their children ready for Halloween, but there are a few safety reminders before the fun begins.

Costumes and candy are the treats, but the trick is staying safe.

"We usually start at 6:00, and by time it's over, it's getting dark," Rocky Morris, a parent, said. "We wear reflectors, we carry a flashlight and we have pumpkin lights."

Walking along the road is impossible to avoid when trick or treating, and a common safety tip for parents is to make sure when it gets dark, their children can still be seen.

Glow in the dark items, reflectors and your typical flashlights can be found in many stores. K-Mart employee Mona Chesnutt says when she takes her grandson trick or treating, she won't leave work without them.

"I make sure he has as many lights as he can on him; like the necklaces or bracelets," Chesnutt said.

Staying visible is just part of it. Police say you should also be careful your child doesn't have a costume that will cause them to trip, and when it comes to masks; make sure the eye holes are big enough for your child to see through properly. If they're not, there are other options.

"Face paint doesn't obstruct their vision at all where a mask may. That's probably not a bad idea," Sergeant Leonard Ritchie with the Marietta Police Dept. said.

He says another good idea is to remember the basic rules when crossing the road.

Police say drivers should also take a little more caution during trick or treat hours.

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