In the Jury's Hands

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A jury is determining whether Edwin Douglas tried to kill a Parkersburg man last May.

State and defense attorneys Thursday morning debated Douglas' motives for shooting Burt Parker, as well as Parker's motive for confronting a car carrying Douglas and two women.

One of those women had just ended a relationship with Parker. Prosecutors also mentioned Douglas' decision to flee to New York after being urged to turn himself in to police.

"Why would he run? Why would he not want to face up to it?" Assistant Prosecuting Attorney Scott Durig asked the jury. "I submit to you, he didn't want to face up to it, because he knew he was guilty, and the story he told you was nothing but a fabrication."

Defense Attorney Bill Kiger said Douglas never made a threat against Parker and was not the aggressor in the incident.

"Did Mr. Douglas make any threats? No one ever testified he did," Kiger said in his closing statement. "He had no ill will against Mr. Parker. Only one person had any ill will in this case, and that was Mr. Parker."

Douglas is charged with attempted murder and malicious assault. The jury deliberated for four hours Thursday. It will resume its discussions Friday morning.