Student Volunteers Make a Difference

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Marietta College freshmen and sophomores were out and about Saturday making a difference in the community.

The students split into 28 groups to work on various projects in the city.

One group took the opportunity to change vandalism into art; all with the help of a few paint brushes.

"We had a huge list of projects that we had to pick from and rank them in order, and this was our top choice and we got it so we're pretty thrilled," Connor Walters, a freshman, said.

Walters and other Marietta College freshmen are painting a mural under the Putnam Street Bridge. Being a part of the River Trail, it's an area that's seen often. So, to brighten up the dark tunnel, they're painting an outdoor rowing scene.

"We've come a long way for sure. We had to paint over all the graffiti and then just start with our base and work from there," Lauren Currie, a freshman, said.

They're working hard and dipping into their free time to make sure the job gets done, and is done well.

"It's something we should applaud them for. It really is something they should be proud of and the city should be proud to have the kids do this," Earl Kehl, who walks the trail daily, said.

The student volunteers are thrilled to have the support of the community behind them, but some still question if it's enough to stop the graffiti, and fortunately, they have an answer.

"We're working to get something called graffiti block, which is a sealant that will go over it. Once that's on we can just come down here and if anybody has done graffiti over the wall, we can just wipe it off with water," Dan Hartman, a freshman, said.

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