Hitting the Road

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Travel experts say this summer has brought out the road warriors. People would rather drive than fly, not only because of safety concerns, but because of the economy as well.

"I like to fly, too, but that's expensive," says Ohio resident John Neiding. "I'd rather drive because you see more by driving than flying."

The most road-friendly trips include those to closer destinations, or the so-called One-Tank Trips.

"I like to see the countryside; It's nothing to do with what has happened," says Michigan resident Gordon Mihinnick. "If I have to get somewhere quick, I fly."

While the economy has influenced how people travel this year, one thing which has been a problem the past two years, gas prices, hasn't been much of a deterrent this year.

Officials at the interstate rest stop and travel center in Mineral Wells believe West Virginia has been a popular destination this year.

"We keep a daily log of how many people go through the welcome center on an hourly basis", says tour guide Bonnie McKimmie. "This summer, we've been running anywhere from 350 to 500 people an hour when we're open."

And, barring the unexpected price spike at the gas pumps, the summer on the road is expected to continue through Labor Day.