Mayor Responds to Council Complaint

Parkersburg Mayor Jimmy Colombo responded to a letter Tuesday evening from council criticizing his administration for allowing a southside business to proceed while zoning issues were in dispute.

During the council meeting, the Mayor read a letter into the record that asserts council is not to engage in interpretation of the zoning ordinances that they pass, by state code.

Mayor Colombo responds, "There are rules, regulations and procedures for addressing the circumstances about which your report complains. It was not necessary to create a 'fear factor' or 'grandstand' by Council's action to summon career public servants to appear before you, behind closed doors, without the benefit of counsel, to be grilled by a hired prosecutor in order for your committee to make political headlines."

The Mayor also indicated he has retained private counsel to represent himself, as city attorney Joseph Santer cannot advise both City Council and the mayor in this matter.