Coming Home

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The members of the 1092nd Engineer Battalion will return to its home base in Parkersburg Wednesday afternoon.

The group's final destination is the National Guard Armory on Blizzard Drive from where it was deployed to the Persian Gulf 14 months ago.

"We want them to know that we're real proud of them", says Linda Mullen of the National Guard's Family Assistance Unit, whose husband is a member of the 1092nd. "We want the community to show them their gratitude and show them they're real appreciative of what they've done the past 14 months".

When members of the 1092nd Engineer Battalion return to West Virginia Wednesday, people of all walks of life will be on hand to welcome them.

Fairplains Elementary School is on the route the company's members will take when the troops return to the National Guard Armory in south Parkersburg. School children got to work Monday making signs and other decorations that will be visible from Camden Avenue.

"We're making yellow ribbons, we'll have flags for the children to hold tomorrow when the 1092nd goes by," says teacher aide Lee Ann Hanlon. "I thought that since it was coming by our school, that this is something we could do."

The 1092nd members will travel through Parkersburg on their way back to the Armory between 1 p.m. and 2 p.m. Wednesday.