A New Day for the Armory?

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It's been nearly three years since most residents saw the inside of the National Guard Armory, but while until this week it didn't look like it, there has been a lot done outside, and even inside.

"We were able to get the roof fixed, and at least it's no longer leaking," says Mike McCarthy of the Citizens’ Armory Preservation Society. "And the building should be secure until we are able to make further renovations."

And on the outside, there is a new paint job and some landscaping. The armory building has long been seen as a way to promote tourism, and Mayor Michael Mullen says it could also be a downtown marketplace.

"Part of our vision calls for the exploration of a public market space that will include the agriculture, craft, and cottage industry to utilize that space as well," the mayor says.

And the armory's re-awakening starts late next week with a community day. Concerts are planned this summer, and as for the future, the mayor told us, “We have three years and nine months.”

Another major event happens on May 29, a local observance coinciding with the dedication of the national WW2 monument in Washington, D.C.