EPA Study Shows No Short Term Health Concerns

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The study isn't complete, but so far short term data collected on the air outside three local schools is showing positive results.

Last summer the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency started monitoring the air quality outside more than 60 schools across the nation, and three of them are in the Mid-Ohio Valley.

They include the Ohio Valley Educational Center, Warren Elementary and Neale Elementary.

According to the EPA, the first results show that air pollutant levels outside each school show no short-term health concerns, and some say they expect the long-term study to show similar results.

"I've been teaching up here for approximately 15 years. I've been coming outside as much as I can. I can't see any difference. I really can't," Don Fosselman, a physical education teacher at Neale Elementary, said.

The recent data shows short-term results only, and scientists caution that they shouldn't be used to draw conclusions about the air's long-term results on health.

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