Case Goes to Grand Jury

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Friday, for the first time, witnesses were heard in the case of two men accused in connection with Robert Mancini's death in Noble County.

Deputies now believe Robert Mancini's body had been lying burned at the site in Fredericksdale for months before a witness approached them less than two weeks ago.

Brandon Wuetich told authorities he first heard of Mancini's killing March 27th, and showed them a bone believed to be from Mancini. It was that statement in part, which led to the arrests of Peter Ligas and Howard Kirk.

Kirk told investigators that Ligas had struck Mancini with a baseball bat during an altercation after which Kirk heard a gunshot. Kirk says Ligas later told him, “I got rid of him".

Deputy Jason Mackie testified that Kirk didn't witness the fight between Ligas and Mancini, but that Kirk added it was Ligas who burned Mancini's body after killing him.

While Wuletich also was told Ligas killed Mancini, Kirk's role in the killing wasn't as certain. While Kirk had originally been charged with complicity, the grand jury will now hear charges of tampering with evidence against him. Ligas remains charged with aggravated murder.