Fall Games of Special Olympics Open

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More than five hundred athletes from all across the Mountain State have assembled in Wood County to participate in the Fall Games of the Special Olympics again this year.

Opening ceremonies were held Friday night in Parkersburg South High School Auditorium, but competitions started earlier in the afternoon in the Park lanes Bowling alley.

The weekend will be filled with volleyball, bowling and flag football.

High energy music got the group fired up as they filed into the hall.

"It gives them confidence, self esteem just gives them an overall well being of themselves," explains parent Shelia Pursley.

Volunteer Bob Bargeloh agrees, "It's really rewarding to see how they enjoy the sport as that's the reason I have volunteered from year to year."

Opening ceremonies kicked off at 7:30 Friday evening with a procession of each county's' delegation marching in to cheers and music.

The events will run all weekend through Sunday afternoon.

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