Domestic Dispute Turned Deadly

Murder Investigation
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State Police are calling the death of a Jackson County couple a murder-suicide.

Corporal J.A. Bowles says he was called to the Ripley-area home Saturday afternoon to check on a woman whose father was concerned because she had not called him as promised.

When he arrived at the mobile home, Bowles looked through a back window and saw a bloody hand.

Bowles called for backup and then forced his way into the locked residence. The bodies of 45-five-year-old Sheila Milford and her husband, 59-year-old Keith Vanhoose, were found inside.

Both had been shot in the head.

Bowles says Vanhoose was the shooter. Bowles says the couple, who had not been married long, had a history of domestic problems.

The Jackson County Sheriff's Department assisted in the investigation.