New Charges Against Nixon

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Larry Nixon was originally charged with conducting a fraudulent scheme against Ohio Valley contractors, but Monday a Wood County grand jury also charged him with conspiracy to commit a fraudulent scheme, grand larceny and two separate counts of computer fraud.

"Upon further investigation we determined there were additional counts that needed to be presented to the grand jury," said Wood County Prosecutor Ginny Conley. "With that we presented four additional counts."

The charges stem from a 1994 scam to allegedly lease a crane he didn't own. Nixon faces charges in Texas related to allegedly faking his own death and trying to change his identity.

The Coast Guard spent days searching for him after his 40-foot boat crashed in the Houston Ship Channel on August 27, but investigators thought the crash was suspicious.

Days after the crash, a Minnesota bank sued Nixon and his company, which leased equipment to contractors. Nixon entered into an agreement with the bank last February for a $4 million line of credit that he allegedly defaulted on.

Nixon was transferred back to Wood County from Texas earlier this year. He remains in jail on a $3.5 million bond.

(The Associated Press contributed information to this story.)