Chamber Kicks-Off Campaign

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It's a struggle many communities face, how to attract and keep business.

Thursday, a new campaign kicked off to fire-up local leaders on how to market the Mid-Ohio Valley.

The mid-Ohio Valley Chamber of Commerce is launching a new motto, and hopefully, a new thrust in attracting new business to the area.

The chamber calls it the Let’s Generate Success campaign. The campaign is designed to show examples of successful business in the area. It's also designed to dispel negative business images of the mid-Ohio Valley. Chamber members and business leaders were on hand for the ceremony. Some of them talked about their own success stories in luring new life to the area economy.

“Well, I hope that it attracts new business to the area, and we see more economic growth in the Ohio Valley, I think the new bridge will bring more commerce, and economic development I think is the key,” says Ty Snodgrass of Kraton Polymers.

Economic development is a big goal for the mid-Ohio Valley. The mayors of Parkersburg, Vienna, and Williamstown joined local business leaders in the kick-off of the chamber's new push.

The group signed a special declaration to demonstrate their commitment to generate success in the area.

More than 4,500 cars travel on a section of Grand Central Avenue, everything from doctor's offices to shops and restaurants contribute to that traffic, just another example of how the mid-Ohio Valley is growing.

The Parkersburg-Marietta area was recently ranked by Forbes magazine as the 62 best place to live and work in the nation.