Questions Still Surround Health Care Reform

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A big step has been taken in an attempt for health care reform in the United States. It's an issue with much debate and is leaving some with many questions.

"I'm on medicare myself. I'm a vet," Ralph Deberry from Parkersburg said.

Deberry fought for his country, and is now glad to see his country fighting for his health.

"I feel we're on the right track and everything. I feel real good about it," Deberry said.

For the past few months Deberry has kept up with the highly debated health care reform bill. It was passed by the house Saturday night by just five votes. It's now up to the senate to take the next step; one some would like to see happen sooner than later.

"We'll hear about it in the future I'm sure, and if there are things that are wrong they can change it. It's just some place to start," Mark Selby from Parkersburg said.

The health care reform bill is hundreds of pages long, and while many are for it and many are against it, some say they'd just like more details about what its text really means.

"I just don't have enough information in order to arrive at a real accurate decision," Ron Gault from Parkersburg said.

Ron and Donna Gault are all for more people getting health insurance, but they have to ask themselves what this bill means for them.

"We're getting to that age of our lives where we're going to have to consider medicare, and what is it going to be like for us a few years from now?" Donna said.

As for people like Deberry, who is already at that stage in life, the question isn't what the government will do, but when it will get done.

"Everybody's gotta have a good life; try to stay healthy and everything. That's what I try to do," Deberry said.

Trying to live a healthy life, while waiting to see just what role the government will play in a healthy future.

The senate has not yet scheduled a debate on its version of the health care legislation, and republicans are pledging to stop the democratic measure from passing congress.

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