Fenton Employees Celebrate their On-Air Debut

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Dirty Jobs has always been a popular show, but Tuesday night's episode was especially important to the Mid-Ohio Valley.

Fenton Art Glass employees gathered in front of some televisions at JP Henry's in Parkersburg for their Discovery Channel debut.

Fenton Glass already attracts people from all over, and now people across the nation have seen all the hard work that goes into making it.

It was obviously nothing new to those who spend sweltering hours in the factory each day, but Fenton employees do say they're excited to show off what they do for a living.

"Hopefully it'll bring a little recognition to Williamstown and Fenton Art Glass," Jon Anderson, a Fenton employee, said.

"We're very excited," Bernard and Kim Barley, Fenton employees, said. "We love Mike Rowe. We've watched it from the get-go."

The show has been anticipated for the past year, as it was filmed in the Fenton factory last November.

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