Kerry's Past

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Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry has recently been criticized by republicans for his opposition to the Vietnam War during the years after he served in Vietnam.

Local veterans we spoke to Tuesday differ as to whether that should be a campaign issue.

"Maybe he did wrong and maybe he didn't," said World War II veteran Bill Harden, “but we've all done things we aren't proud of."

"I have no reason to doubt (Kerry)," said another World War II veteran, Wilbur Biles. "If he said he did that, then I don't know."

Kerry shot back at his opponents Tuesday.

Kerry tells the Dayton, Ohio, Daily News that President Bush and Vice-President Dick Cheney have no business pointing fingers, not with Bush's National Guard attendance in question and Cheney's deferments from Vietnam.

Kerry says a lot of veterans "are going to be angry at a president who can't account for his own service in the National Guard,” and he accuses Cheney of getting "every deferment in the world" to keep him out of Vietnam.

For the last two days the Bush campaign has criticized Kerry's anti-war activities after he returned home from Vietnam.

Democrats earlier this year also questioned President Bush's military service. Bush opted for National Guard service during the 1970's.

But a woman who served as a WAC was skeptical of Kerry's past.

"I don't trust him," she said.

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