A Big Step Towards a Handicap Accessible Playground

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UPDATE: June 25, 2010 11:14

Hundreds of area children enjoyed fun in the sun while raising funding and awareness for the Juleps Pathways Playground. The Juleps Pathways Playground was thought up by a local girl with Downs Syndrome so that children with all abilities can have a safe place to play at the park.

Kids took part in the Clifford and Friends Parade at City Park Friday morning. After the parade, attendees were treated to milk, cookies and story time.

Juleps Pathways Playground committee chairperson Jessica Johnson says events like the Clifford and Friends Parade are great ways to get the community involved in fund raising and awareness.

"We're in the fund raising phase. We just reached over $100,000 in fund raising so we're really close to breaking ground on phase one," Johnson says. "So, we just really want the community to know we are out here and still fund raising and if there is anything the community can donate we would just really appreciate that."

If you are interested in getting involved with the Juleps Pathways Playground you can call (304) 422-6169 of visit the link posted below.

Many have fond childhood memories of playing on the playground.

Now, the Junior League of Parkersburg is reaching out to the community to make sure every child gets that opportunity.

Thanks to the McDonald's in the traffic circle and the southside of Parkersburg, the Junior League now has $1,755 to go towards the JuLePs Pathways playground.

JuLePs is an acronym for Junior League of Parkersburg.

The plan is to refurbish the existing playground in city park, to make it handicap accessible.

It's a project that will benefit children with disabilities and their parents.

"They realize that their children couldn't play with other children here in the community, and we really felt that we wanted to partner with the whole community and make an area that everybody could use," Julie Smith, a Junior League member, said.

The project is expected to cost three to five hundred thousand dollars total, and the junior league hopes to break ground as soon as more grants and donations come in.

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