Girl with Rare Heart Disease Experiences a Dream Come True

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Friday, we brought you the story about a dream coming true for a little girl with a rare heart disease. Sunday night, her wish was granted.

Friday, nine-year-old Cheyenne Smith found out she would be attending a Miley Cyrus concert.

Cheyenne is in need of a lung and heart transplant, and when Lea Ann Mason with Pioneer Home Medical heard Cheyenne's story, she didn't waste any time finding a way to get concert tickets.

So, Sunday night Cheyenne, her mom and Mason made their way to Cleveland for the big show.

"The look on her face was absolutely priceless when Miley first took the stage. It was fantastic. We got a really good picture for her of that. She sang and she danced and she enjoyed every minute of that concert," Mason said.

Mason says Cheyenne has dozens of pictures from the concert, which she plans to use for her new, special scrapbook.

The concert tickets were purchased by Invacare, a medical equipment company.

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