Pets and Cicadas

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There's nothing your dog or cat will enjoy more than munching on cicadas. However, the Humane Society of the United States warns that the red-eyed bugs can make pets sick.

Randall Lockwood is a Humane Society vice president and animal behaviorist. He says to pets, a yard full of 17-year cicadas will look like a yard full of chicken nuggets.

Lockwood says the insects are protein-rich but their exoskeletons are indigestible. Eating too many can cause vomiting and constipation.

Entomologists say a wide swath of the eastern United States, including West Virginia's Eastern Panhandle, will be visited by millions of the noisy insects within days or weeks.

However, the pesty bugs are NOT expected to arrive in the Mid-Ohio-Valley. See the attached map below to clarify the projection for this year's Brood X outbreak.
Visit this page for more cicada information.

The Washington-based Humane Society advises keeping pets indoors, securing screens and holding tight to dog leashes outdoors.