Local Veterans Concerned about Flag Etiquette

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The American flag is a symbol of our nation's freedom, and is special to many; especially veterans.

A group of veterans in Belpre is expressing their concerns about how often the flag is being flown at local schools.

They say the American flags at Belpre schools are not flown every day, and are sometimes flown only part of the day.

Local veterans say they've contacted the schools individually as well as the board of education, but the problem persists.

"It kind of hurts, you know. Some of these guys have gone into war two or three times for that flag," Gary Henderson, an Air Force veteran, said.

"When the school district says, 'We are not gonna fly our flag while we are in session,' it's telling the kids that are in school that they don't have to respect that flag either," Larry Block, an Army veteran, said.

Belpre city school's superintendent, Dr. Harry Fleming, did not wish to be interviewed on camera, but did say it's the city's policy to fly the American flag at schools all day while they're in session.

He says there may be times that doesn't happen for one reason or another, but the school's do try to follow the policy.

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