Robbery Suspect Pleads Guilty

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While pleading guilty to one count of first-degree robbery, Rudolph Coles expressed his regrets to the victims.

"I'd like to apologize to the clerks at the Go-Mart, to the state of West Virginia and to my family, " Coles said.

It all took place on a Saturday night last October. Coles, his cousin Andre and an unidentified juvenile all entered the Williamstown Go-Mart near Interstate 77. After buying snacks and drinks, Coles says he demanded money.

But upon their exit from the store, the Michigan men turned onto Route 31 instead of the interstate. By the time they corrected their route, a police officer was on their tail.

"I was counting money out," Coles explained in court, "and there was a police car on the other side of the interstate coming in the opposite direction. He flashed his light on and got behind us and pulled us over."

Coles had a prior felony conviction in Michigan. Primarily for that reason, he was sentenced to 15 years in prison, five years more than what was recommended by the prosecutor.

Andre Coles is scheduled to be sentenced in court next month.